March President's Message:

During the month of February we welcomed our new meeting times and dates. The first meeting was well attended and the board meeting was also well attended. Many thanks go to Bob and Patti Barto for hosting the board meeting and the Sloppy Joes were great, along with the two salads, provided by Clarence and Melinda Hales. I hope the next and ensuing meeetings are as productive as this last one.

Crazy bowling went well, we had 10 teams, fun was had by all and the Police Dept. of Leland won first place.

Our "Meet the Lions" evening was a total bust. We invited 10 folks, 5 couples, to come and meet, on an informal basis, the North Brunswick Lions Club. We had a total of 0 attend. Fear not, we will try again and soon.

Tickets for Ball Drop are in and chairman Clarence Hales, with Sue Sands and Bob Waterson, will soon have tickets out. Do your best to sell all you can, this is our big fun raiser for the year. We ordered 2000 this year and we need to sell all we can. Shortly we will start doing prowls to get the other clubs to sell for us. We split the ticket price with them, after they sell 100 tickets.

Again, keep hitting the web site,, it only takes a few moments to hit it, not to mention beindg able to catch up on club news.

Year end is approaching and we are planning a fun evening on August 8, 2015 at The Owners Club House, Magnolia Greens. We had the Christmas Party there.

We need to make an extra effort to get new members. I know you get tired of hearing this but we need to grow. ASK SOMEONE, the worst you can hear is NO!

Thank you for allowing me to be your President!

Archie Barringer II  

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About Us: Organized in 2009, the North Brunswick Lions Club members have a common interest in serving their neighbors and local communities including Leland, Belville, Navassa, and the greater northern Brunswick County area. We strive to fulfill the motto of Lions Clubs International, WE SERVE. Our fund-raising events provide the means for services to our community, especially eyeglasses, eye screening, and aid to the visually impaired.

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1st & 3rd Mondays; 7pm

Closer Walk Methodist
117 Village Rd, Leland NC (next to Ace Hardware)

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